• crunchyequeak

Two Red Victorian Fantasy Faces

Victorian lady as a queen like image pasted up on a graffiti covered utility box.
Victorian lady post up on a graffiti covered utility box.

So much of the gaming and fantasy art genre these days seems to be moving more and more toward a Japanese hyper-real style which I think sometimes takes away the magic of imagination that I used to find so strong in older illustration.

A red white and black fantasy portrait hanging in a frame.
Princess on the wall of a gallery.

The route away from the plastic feel of the new look and 3D printed cos-play result of all the clean line and surface control is to go back and visit the Victorian image pool. The very unreal feel of the typical image, whether fashion, or personal photography, allows the personality of the fantasy character to come through without the need of a school of attributes to validate an individual type.

You can find these two examples at my Society6 shop where I tend to place most of my work designed for art prints or posters.