Yoga Designs

Om over a geometric mandal style image on a white brick background.
A highly abstracted image of a yoga posture against a geometric mandala pattern in black and red.
Om over mandal like image on a tote back, red tones predominate.
Yoga pose and om symbol in a Soviet sports poster style.
Stretched yoag pose over intricate maze pattern creating a shimmering image.
Spiral of yoga pose figures creating a decorative motif.
An Om and mandala sticker in bright reds and auqa blues.
Stretching yoga pose and circular mandal image in red and green.
Stretching yoga pose against geometric maze pattern decoration.
A pillow with a red mandala pattern and om symbol.
Red mandala pattern with green om symbol in complex patterns.
A decorative mandala pattern on art board. Four om symbols face four directions.
A bright mandala pattern in shades of purple and a blue om symbol on a shower curtain.
Red and white patterned yoga figure in a pose against a geometric decorative pattern.
A mandal pattern duvet cover in intricate and delicate patterns.
A bright red and gold dominated image of a yoga figure seated before a mandala pattern.
A pruple geometric patterned mandala with a yoga figure in a stretch on a spiral notebook.
A mandala and om symbol pattern on a greeting card. colors are green, red, and pinks.
A green mandal pattern with om symbol on a tshirt, intricate geometric shapes against a white brick courtyard.
A mandala inspred design on a clock face.
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Expandable Images

It is always difficult to judge the level of detail without taking a closer look.